It’s time for a different approach

Imagine you need to send a message to a friend. You could mail them a letter and they might receive it in a few days. You could drive to their home and tell them the news, having to deal with traffic and unforeseen obstacles along the way. But, wouldn’t it be simpler to just pick up your phone and call or text? It’s better. It’s faster.

At Brain Trust Bio, we are giving life-altering medicines a direct route to the body without the roadblocks and side-effects commonly associated with other drug delivery methods.

Our goal is to deliver clinical care breakthroughs for central nervous system (CNS) conditions by reimagining how existing FDA approved therapies are administered and making them safer and more effective. We are leveraging small changes with precision drug delivery to engender massive gains.

An industry leader with a proven track record, Brain Trust Bio has now secured approval to enter into Phase I trials for our Continuous Intrathecal Drug Delivery Method. Building upon successfully treated two patients off-label with no side effects, providing stable and prolonged neuroprotection.We are committed to patients because for people with debilitating CNS disorders—like ALS and multiple sclerosis — every second, minute, hour, week, month or year is more time with loved ones and a step closer to more effective treatments and cures.

For individuals with CNS disorders, the effects can be ravaging. And — with ALS — the typical survival rate is two to five years from the time of diagnosis. During those few short years, those affected by the disease lose abilities we often take for granted like walking, talking, getting dressed, eating independently and driving. They miss moments like birthdays, anniversaries, their child’s graduation or marriage, the birth of grandchildren and other important life events.

At Brain Trust Bio, we are making improvements to drug delivery and enhancing already available treatments to accelerate positive patient outcomes.

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Our Partners


At Brain Trust Bio, we understand the urgent need to find safe and effective treatments for central nervous system conditions and we understand that we cannot accomplish this on our own. We engage in opportunities to collaborate with cutting-edge firms that are uniquely positioned to leverage our results and support our work. We work closely with these enterprises because we recognize that only by working together will we get to the finish line faster.

Our Approach


At Brain Trust Bio, we are singularly focused on reformulating and improving the best drugs on the market, based on our successful implementation of riluzole administered by intrathecal infusion (ITRil) for the treatment of amyotrophic central nervous system diseases like lateral sclerosis (ALS).
In 1995, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved riluzole (marketed under the brand names Rilutek and Tiglutik) for the treatment of ALS. The drug is taken orally (as a tablet or a liquid formulation) and is considered to increase survival of ALS patients by a modest two to three months. However, it does not halt or reverse disease progression, and the oral doses cannot be augmented because of the drug’s hepatic toxicity. In addition, oral riluzole can impair cognitive function and induce asthenia, which may lead to treatment discontinuation in patients who poorly tolerate these central side effects.

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